Strata Building Maintenance: Keeping that New Feeling

There’s no feeling comparable to being the first one to live in a new building. The smell is indescribable, and the look is pristine. What if your tenants could have this new untouched, unlived feeling every time they enter the common areas of their building? With great strata building maintenance, they can!

Strata Requirements

A preventative maintenance program should be a priority for all strata corporations. It is important to have maintenance, repair and renewal work completed by professionals that meet WorkSafeBC or WSIB (Ontario) requirements. These qualifications vary by building type and other determining factors.

The Significance of Regular Maintenance

Doing regular repair and renewals work and having a good preventative maintenance program needs to be a priority for all strata corporations. Strata corporations and strata lot owners could potentially risk limiting their insurance coverage because of negligent or improper maintenance.

Taking Preventative Measures

The “Plan, Do, Check, Act” model can be a useful way for strata councils to approach maintenance, repair and renewal work. Each council should be aware of what repairs and renewal work need to be completed. Then, their strata corporation can approve funding for the council to hire professionals like Master Care to ensure the work is carried out. Much like looking after a vehicle, regular strata maintenance ensures safety and comfort and keeps investment value at its highest.

What Does Strata Maintenance Entail?

We strive to make the lives of strata property managers more simple by providing reliable building maintenance. The Master Care team works closely with strata managers to provide solutions for all your cleaning and maintenance matters. As a result, your building will always look as good as new! Did you know that we can help with:

  • Pool care
  • Gym and clubhouse maintenance
  • Gutter cleaning and pressure washing
  • Comprehensive janitorial work
  • Strata property cleaning and facility maintenance
  • Complete caretaker services
  • Building repairs

With the use of environmentally friendly cleaning products and efficient, cost-effective solutions, consider your strata needs taken care of!