Floor Care & Cleaning

Floors are most often the very first thing that people notice when entering a building. With Master Care’s proper cleaning procedures and maintenance intervals, carried out by our highly skilled technicians, your first impressions made will be a bright!


Stripping & Waxing

Most commercial hard floors are covered with a finish to protect against the accumulation of dirt, scratches, spills, and other effects of foot traffic. This finish will need to be removed (stripped) over time and refinished. The stripping process removes all old layers of wax and dirt, restoring the floors to their original state. The floors are then waxed to protect them from future damage, while also making them shine brilliantly.

Trusted Professionals

Master Care has the skills, experience, equipment and products necessary to revitalize flooring from dirty, dull and heavily worn to being like new and brilliantly clean.


We will carefully examine your flooring prior to suggesting the proper service solutions. This examination ensures that the proper cleaning products and procedures are used to prolong the life of your floors.

Additional Floor Cleaning Services

Routine Floor Cleaning

Master Care’s routine floor cleaning services include dry dust mopping, wet mopping of hard surface floors and vacuuming of carpets. We pride ourselves in leaving streak free shines and no dirt left behind.

Carpet Cleaning Services

Professionally cleaned carpets will not only remove dust, dirt and allergens trapped within the fibres, but also prolong the life of carpet. Master Care provides vacuuming, shampooing, and encapsulation services.

Other Floor Cleaning

Have all your flooring needs taken care of by our insured, bonded professionals. We also steam clean ceramic tiles, buff and polish floors, power wash concrete, clean parkades and service school gymnasium floors.


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