Office Cleaning Tips for Summer

Summer Office Cleaning

Summertime in the office often means a shuffle of people in and out of vacation and everyone leaving in a hurry to make it to their evening plans. In this shuffle, desks can be left disorderly, food is left in the fridge, and odors and poor air quality are more prevalent than at any other time of year. In order to keep your office in top condition through the warmer months, here are some tips to consider:

Daily fridge checks and cleaning:

We all know how things can get pushed to the back of the refrigerator to be forgotten about until it’s basically too late, meaning you forget about it until the whole office has to smell it. Assign a rotating employee to check the fridge and ditch anything in there at the end of the day, or whatever works best for your office. At the very least, ensure the fridge is left empty and cleaned Friday nights to allow for a fresh start on Monday. Use these cleaning hacks from the CDC to keep your fridge healthy and clean.

Tidy your space at the end of the day:

Do your best to ensure you are making time at the end of every day to tuck away your desk clutter, as well as tidy any other place in the office that commonly is in disarray, ie. the kitchen or coffee bar. Removing excess items from your desk and around your space will allow your janitorial staff to get right to what they do best, and not spend time picking up and replacing miscellaneous objects where they found them. Keeping a clear desk space will likely also make you feel more productive and at peace throughout your day as well!

Power down on floor cleaning:

The humidity and heat that comes along with summer means prime breeding grounds for mold and bacteria. For this reason, use two buckets when mopping your floors. Keeping one with a cleaning solution and the other for rinsing will prevent heavily murky water from sitting on your floors and allowing mold and bacteria to grow in the cracks and crevices.

Make time for deep cleaning your carpets:

Summer is likely going to be the best time to deep clean your carpets with possibly fewer people in the building at any given time and the option to keep windows open for ventilation. Bacteria, dust, and grime buried deep in high traffic carpets can affect the air quality within your office and produce allergens that keep workers from feeling their best. Give your office carpets a refresher by deep cleaning them this summer.

Ensuring your office space is in top condition any time of year is no small feat, especially if you’re dealing with a large commercial office space. If you need a hand in regular or one time office cleaning,  or are looking to have professionals totally refresh your office with a deep clean, contact your local janitorial experts today and receive a free quote on the best cleaning solution for your space. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, Master Care makes your satisfaction our number one priority.