New Commercial Cleaning Expectations

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way we think about what it means to be clean and commercial cleaning expectations have shifted accordingly.

Commercial facilities have made significant financial investments to keep their facility safe. They have invested in educational signage, disinfecting supplies, in Plexiglas dividers and in PPE for staff. They have worked with WorkSafeBC and Workplace Safety & Insurance Board to ensure they are providing their staff and customers with a safe office, building, restaurant or retail space.

These facilities are also trusting that the general public will follow the Public Health Officer recommendations with regards to social distancing, wearing masks and washing hands. Commercial cleaning professionals have had to adjust their cleaning strategies and work closely with their customers to ensure they are using the right supplies, techniques and procedures for disinfection of high-touch surfaces, avoiding cross contamination and ensuring that their customers can trust them to give them a safe and healthy space.

Post Pandemic Cleaning Expectations

As the general public go about their everyday business, there is a change in expectations of clean that has occurred in the past year. Commercial janitorial companies need to communicate with their customers to ensure that staff and customers are getting the “feeling of clean” when they enter their restaurant, retail space, gyms schools, daycares, warehouses, industrial facilities, construction sites and offices. The post-pandemic expectations include:

  • increased public awareness of clean
  • increased need to see regular high touchpoint cleaning
  • increase awareness of the cleaning products being used
  • increase need for touchless dispensers and appliances
  • increased awareness of necessary cleaning protocols

Leave the Cleaning to the Professionals

Now is not the time to do the commercial cleaning yourself. While it is important to educate your staff on keeping the regular touch-points disinfected during the day, do not rely on your staff to follow all cleaning protocols all of the time.

We at Master Care Janitorial know the difficulties of adapting to all of these commercial cleaning expectation changes during COVID-19. We have re-educating our staff regarding illness prevention measures and work closely with our supplies to have the right supplies, products and procedures to give our customers a clean and safe facility.

While cleaning, our staff has more than one colour of cloth for disinfecting chemicals to wipe all touchpoint surfaces such as countertops, desks, light switches, door handles, railing, etc. We have an outstanding disinfectant chemical along with multiple clean microfiber cloths to swap out throughout the cleaning process. We take extra precautions to ensure everything is wiped properly and thoroughly to kill any lingering germs and bacteria. We have also added Electrostatic Spray Disinfection Services to our variety of services for the 100% coverage, spray-and-go disinfecting of facilities of any size.

These improvements will keep your staff safe and improve productivity. Remember, having happy healthy staff is good for business!

Tips For our Customers

If you have staff coming to the office, increase the availability of disinfectant wipes and hand sanitizers. We recommend keeping both items near all door handles and in the kitchen to allow easy access if and when needed.

We are here for you

Do you still have questions about cleaning during a pandemic? Contact us today to discuss your cleaning needs.

At Master Care, we are taking multiple steps to safeguard our people and maintain our cleaning services and business operations as we intend to see you through to the end of this Covid-19 Pandemic. We want to help assist you to ensure you feel safe in your workspace and we can do the following for you: