Environmentally Responsible Green Cleaning

Green cleaning products and sustainable eco-friendly cleaning practices are of great importance.

During the pandemic the importance of killing germs became a great importance for most and of course became substantially more important on a service standpoint within the cleaning industry to help keep everyone safer from COVID-19. Ironically, many of the chemicals being used caused health issues that included headaches, allergic reactions, breathing issues, skin rashes and more for so many. Furthermore, such harsh chemicals were finding their way into water sources with a high potential to negatively impact water quality for wildlife.

Scientists started investigating the potentially negative impact to a persons health relating to harsh cleaning chemicals being used in workplaces and homes in the 1960s and by the 70s, they linked cancer and many other medical conditions to the use of such harsh, toxic chemicals. Fast forward to today and there are many eco-friendly products available to responsibly use. It’s unfortunate that so many remain using harsh, toxic chemicals to clean with. More cleaning companies and janitorial companies need to be environmentally responsible by using green cleaning products that are also proven to work better than the harmful traditional chemicals of the past.

Master Care Janitorial practices a keen awareness to provide cleaning services and disinfecting services that are safe for humans and for the environment without compromising effectiveness. We are proud to have been an early adopter of green, eco-friendly cleaning products as one of the first recognized commercial green cleaning companies. During the pandemic, we held true to our eco-friendly values by using EPA & Health Canada registered hospital grade disinfectants.

Cleaning professionals are proud of a job well done after cleaning offices, cleaning buildings, completing a post construction clean and so forth, but it feels notably more rewarding to achieve desired results safely for the betterment of all. Striving to provide complete peace of mind is not just in the timely dependable cleaning service itself, but also one in which everyone can breathe easy with – literally.

Learn more about Master Care’s commitment to using eco-friendly cleaning products and green cleaning practices on our website: https://www.mastercare.com/green-cleaning.html